almost like music

is about trying to make music with autonomous machines and electronic circuits (small motors, tiny striking mechanisms, minimal robots) hat function according to their very own logic. It is an exploration into the tonality of material and the materiality of sound. It’s about the process of how sound is created from minute movement and interaction. We want to give voices to the things and we do so by careful manipulation of the machines and their surroundings.

This process is made transparent by placing the machines on an overhead projector, so that their movements and our hands interacting with them cast a shadow play, making visible the process of creating sounds. Similar to live coding it is our performance with these machines, our improvisation with them that matters. It is a live experimentation in search for arising patterns, musical structures and minimal techno we like to dance to. (Christian Faubel, Ralf Schreiber)

May 16, 2018