i work at the academy of media arts cologne (khm), with derstrudel i teach workshops at the edge of science and art, i create installations and performances using autonomous robots.

after  studying mechanical engineering in toulouse france and dresden germany i became interested in autonomous systems during an internship at sanyo denki. there i worked on an small sized autonomous robot within sanyo’s household appliances research and development department in osaka, japan in 1999-2000.

when i returned to europe in 2001 i worked for a short period as a freelancer for the fraunhofer ipa in stuttgart and for the technical collections dresden. in 2001 together with sebastian noth we founded derstrudel to give structure to our shared interest in simple analog robots, in all sorts of electronic tinkering and the mediation of relaxed approach to electronics.   workshops and installations of derstrudel have been featured at numerous venues, including the garage festival, the transmediale, the piksel festival, the international film festival rotterdam, the art of the overhead, fi’art centre pompidou. for a full list refer to the events page on derstrudel.org.

in 2002 i started to work in the autonomous robotics group at the institut für neuroinformatik. after working on dynamical systems for robot navigation, in 2004 i focused on autonomous perception and object recognition based on dynamic neural field theory. in 2009 i finished my phd and continued to work at the institut für neuroinformatik as a postdoc. In 2012 i started working as member of the artistic/scientific staff at the academy of media arts cologne.